Kisses, fairytales and why we need the Berlin Feminist Film Week (Review #3)

“I wanted to kiss like they do in the movies”, says a Palestinian woman to her girlfriend in In Between. They amble through her home town, passing the spot where, aged 11, she...

Berlin Feminist Film Week Review #2: Tales from Tel-Aviv

Forget fiction: this was an evening about real women, women and reality. The film directors, the characters they create, and the people they inspire, more than numbers in quotas...

Berlin Feminist Film Week #1: Witches are among us (and we love it)

Imagine an art film that pretends to be a B-movie. Now imagine if the execution is as hilarious as the concept. Then add a live ritual performance and an art exhibition devoted...


The film Hasret (the Turkish word for “yearning”) is a new feature-length documentary about Istanbul with fictional elements directed by Berlin-based British independent filmmaker and former Istanbul resident Ben Hopkins. Hasret is also a male Turkish name and...

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Director In The Spotlight: Ben Wheatley

Director In The Spotlight: Ben Wheatley

Who would’ve thought that a man on a rope standing and staring dreamily into the distance would be an image that could haunt you for months to come? Ben Wheatley would. The Brighton based Director has recently finished his fifth film, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s...

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Mobile Kino, an organization in Berlin that organizes officially sanctioned, fully legal public film screenings in mostly non-cinema spaces in Berlin, is presenting the 2015 Oscar nominated shorts this weekend at the gallery space at Urban Spree. Ten films will be...

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