EP Review: Bird Dreams – soulful indie pop that rewards a replay

An accomplished slice of soulful indie pop that rewards more than a few replays. On first listen “Golden Street” took me back to the 90’s when I was listening to Fiona Apple and...

ripe with bittersweet melancholy: Mumbai-born Berlin-based DJ TG01 releases debut single

Abbas Khambati aka, TG01 is a Berlin based music producer and DJ from Mumbai, India. On April 2, 2021 he released his debut single 'Howdoilookintoyoureyes?' (HDILIYE) with Berlin...

Riah Knight in Interview: Between Roma, Sinti, Sussex and Berlin

Your EP that comes out on April 26th is called Knight in Neukölln….what’s behind the title? Does Neukölln inspire you particularly, and why? After a residency at the London...

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