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“I see creativity as a way of being”, an interview with Ksenia Parkhatskaya

“In authentic jazz dance music is not an ambient atmosphere for the abstract movement. The dance and music are closely connected.”

Nosoyo in Interview: “Don’t silence my song”

Boy/girl duo Nosoyo turned up in Berlin fresh-faced and wide-eyed from Amsterdam, where they'd met and got together, six or seven years ago now. After a run of brilliant pop...

“Searching for something just trying to be free”: Interview with Scott & Lila

Both working as solo artists at the time they have met during a street concert at Warschauer Straße – Scott was performing a song, Lila felt his music and started to harmonize to it beautifully, that night they have played along with each other for three hours, and the crowd absolutely loved it!

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Warhaus interview ahead of his first album

Warhaus interview ahead of his first album

We had the opportunity to speak with Maarten Devoldere, aka Warhaus, the frontman of Belgian band Balthazar. His first album We Fucked A Flame Into Being is out on September 2. Written and sung solely in English, it took the multi-instrumentalist six years to add the...

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