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EP Review: Bird Dreams – soulful indie pop that rewards a replay

An accomplished slice of soulful indie pop that rewards more than a few replays. On first listen “Golden Street” took me back to the 90’s when I was listening to Fiona Apple and...

ripe with bittersweet melancholy: Mumbai-born Berlin-based DJ TG01 releases debut single

Abbas Khambati aka, TG01 is a Berlin based music producer and DJ from Mumbai, India. On April 2, 2021 he released his debut single 'Howdoilookintoyoureyes?' (HDILIYE) with Berlin...

Riah Knight in Interview: Between Roma, Sinti, Sussex and Berlin

Your EP that comes out on April 26th is called Knight in Neukölln….what’s behind the title? Does Neukölln inspire you particularly, and why? After a residency at the London...
From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

from-artist-to-artist-podcast-5-tommy-ebbeEach week Stefanie Martens presents us with a new edition of her From Artist to Artist Podcast.

It does what it says on the tin: Stefanie (herself an artist) talks each week to an established indie artist to find out how they are navigating the waters of the indie music industry.
This week we have Tommy Ebben in the hot seat…n

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