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ENBYX: augmented gender and future of visual Arts

Hidden within Berlin’s dark eccentric bowels is a culture of surprising artistic revelation. Surprises that could change the future of visual arts as we know it, the way they are...

Is Deezer’s UCPS the Way Forward for Upcoming Artists?

As any creative knows, getting paid for your work, particularly when you first start out, is a major challenge. Is Deezer’s UCPS system the way forward? By now, everyone is...

An up-and-coming musician’s guide to building a loyal fanbase

This is a guest post from Natalie at As an emerging artist, you may be solely focused on working on your music, finding a label to represent you, and getting as...
The Indie Musicians Guide To Spotify: Part One

The Indie Musicians Guide To Spotify: Part One

Mastering Spotify is crucial if you want to build a vibrant fanbase. Spotify is the predominant streaming service with 140 Million users in 60 countries. But first: Ariel Hyatt,  specialist in PR and marketing for bands and musicians, is by this time something of a...

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