indieberlin interview with the Berlin Feminist Film Week team

Interview with the organizers of Berlin Feminist Film Week Berlin Feminist Film Week turned three years old. Held every March since 2013, it opens up space on screen for...

Marlene von Steenvag burlesque winner indie awards 2015

Although these days there's a wealth of burlesque talent in Berlin, with the scene that just five years ago was a small and well-kept secret growing and growing, Marlene von...

Dating in Berlin – Six Stereotypes to Get It On With

This is a 100% generalization. It's judgmental and full of clichés. But since I consider clichés a mouth to mouth type of science and happen to be a quite judgmental and...


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  1. STUDIO BERLIN @ Berghain

    September 1 - December 31
  2. Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne

    September 4 - November 30
  3. RAUPENIMMERSATTISM | Opening & Exhibition

    September 26 - November 22
  4. STAGELESS by Sven Marquardt @ Friedrichstadt-Palast

    October 1 - November 29
  5. Ausstellung – Stefan Ho: 200020 DOUBLE DOUBLE

    October 2 - November 1