Freedom at the tip of the brush : discover Marie-Charlotte Nouza’s portrayal of sisterhood, nature and body acceptance

Multi-talented French artist and Berlin it girl Marie-Charlotte Nouza warmly invited indieberlin in her creative studio. The very same studio in which she comes up with a...

In our society, how do non-binary artists create: meet six talented beings and their inspirational stories

In the words of queer performer Sheila Pepe: « Art exists where language fails. ». That is why indieberlin decided to devote an article to the ability of non binary artists to...

We met Sheila Wolf: Burlesque star, entrepreneur and talented Drag queen

If being a professional drag queen already is a very demanding job, Sheila Wolf is, on top of this, a successful entrepreneur in the entertaining business as well as a burlesque...
In conversation with: Charlotte Brandi

In conversation with: Charlotte Brandi

Having released her spellbinding debut solo record The Magician back in February, the ineffable composer and musician Charlotte Brandi has been touring Germany seemingly non-stop ever since. We caught up with Charlotte before her knockout show at Silent Green last...

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