Review: ELYAZ’s epic new tune Wildlands unites us all as Warriors of the Earth

Italian musician, producer and singer ELYAZ is back with his powerful new single Wildlands, masterfully integrating beautiful Nordic-esque vocals with bass, synth and drums in...

Premiere: Laser Blitzer from French electro act Encore: “Implosion or explosion, it doesn’t matter”

Indierepublik is proud to premiere brand new single Lazer Blitzer from French electro duo Encore. From their latest EP Autobahn, released on Machette, Encore is Maria Laurent...

‘Beautifully disarming’ – Pelts album A Little Less Lost

Scottish Indie-Folk-Pop six-piece Pelts have been together for 9 years and are now releasing their first album 'A Little Less Lost' with independent label Iffy Folk Records....
From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

From Artist to Artist Podcast Out Today

from-artist-to-artist-podcast-5-tommy-ebbeEach week Stefanie Martens presents us with a new edition of her From Artist to Artist Podcast.

It does what it says on the tin: Stefanie (herself an artist) talks each week to an established indie artist to find out how they are navigating the waters of the indie music industry.
This week we have Tommy Ebben in the hot seat…n

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Review: House of Trump, House of Putin

Review: House of Trump, House of Putin

The Trump presidency and its farce/carnival atmosphere is one of those can't-look-away car-crash things. Over the last months I've found myself going through a phase of gorging on books either about Trump or about Facebook - as they seem somehow to be entwined. That's...

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