My Tinderella Story – a Way to Meet New People in Our Modern Age by Emma Karlsson

One of the main reasons that I moved to Berlin was to meet new people. You see, I’m Scandinavian and interacting with other human beings is not really our strong side. I don’t...

New in Berlin, a new series by Emma Karlsson – this week: Berlin, Berghain, Burgeramt

"Ich bin ein Berliner!" - several of my Swedish friends sent me the one and only line they knew in German when I arrived here. Well..first of all: there aren't any Berliners....

Ask the Experts! Brand new series for bands and musicians where we present an industry figure each week to answer your questions!

We at indieberlin are extremely excited to announce the beginning of our new "ask the experts" series on the music industry. The truth is that it's so goddamn hard to actually...
Polly Trope introduces us to Natali Legance – Three artists and a writer

Polly Trope introduces us to Natali Legance – Three artists and a writer

A strange and unworldly calm wafts around Berlin’s abandoned old military cemetery. Thick grass rolls over a disparate selection of broken tombstones, funerary Achilles helmets in old bronze, stone wreaths and armour, the craggy peaks of neo-gothic sculpture poking out of a taciturn, awe-inspiring landscape.

In this space “after the afterlife”, where even stone memorials to individuals from the 1800s fade and sink — Natali Legance revealed 13 black-and-white photos in the gentle light of the evening city sun.

Muted piano music and candles, an atmosphere of quiet and simplicity, it was the artist’s debut photo show. Out of nowhere, she solicited the ghosts of life’s many yesterdays, the uncertainty of appearance, and the profundity of change, through a small but powerful collection of photographs.

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Blue Sugar – a piece of writing by Polly Trope

Blue Sugar – a piece of writing by Polly Trope

Pass me the king of medicine?

Yes, hello, I’d like to vanquish illness. Fight me the invincible, age and death.

My sexual organs have been mapped out like machine parts, they can generate predictable feelings if you push certain buttons on the body and work even better if you switch on certain programs on the screen.

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